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7-Layer Sanitary Pad (night)

The Kedi 7-Layer hygienic feminine Pad helps you attain wholesome cleanliness. It contains lavender and refreshing mint to help you relax while coping with your period, and the breathable bottom layer keeps you comfortable on those more sensitive days.

Gynapharm Capsule: For Female Overall Health, Infertility And Disease (72s)

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Kedi Gynapharm Capsule - 72 Capsules Call us for bulk purchases: 0 800 123 45 67

Kedi Eve’s Comfort Capsule – 36 Capsules

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The Comfort Capsule by Kedi Eve is a game-changing invention for ladies. Contains no chemicals or preservatives and is made with the best herbs. It aids in the regulation of your menstrual periods, restoring your peace of mind!